Business services Monitor and monitor them against business goals IBM Tivoli Business Development Manager monitors business services and monitors against business goals and technology infrastructures. Pre-built reports for quick data analysis show the operational status of services using scorecards and dashboards. Tivoli Business Service Manager helps you evaluate service levels throughout an organization for more efficient service management.

Tivoli Business Development Manager features:

  • Analyze and monitor key performance indicators (APG) service levels.
  • Service dashboards and reports provide almost real-time data for quick analysis.
  • Intuitive management tools offer integration with a range of computing environments and data sources.
  • Show your business service supports relationships and infrastructures to KPIs and business goals.
  • See dynamic visuals of business and operational KPIs in almost real time using dashboards and scorecards.
  • Use patented technology integrated with existing resources of business and technology data for advanced analysis and tracking.
  • run the KPI state to create service models that represent more accurate business.
  • Reduce your time to repair (MTTR) to help identify faster service issues and trends.
  • Create customized, role-based boards and scorecards that have been tailored to specific users TPGs.
  • Use pre-built reports and graphs to underst and how your current business service levels are, optimize service effectiveness and reduce downtime.
  • historical time-based analysis and viewing of multiple key performance reports.
  • Use the single interface to deliver service visibility, service impact analysis, service modeling and root cause analysis for business and technical users.
  • Take advantage of the autonomous computer to show infrastructure availability and performance, and to reduce technical support requirements.
  • integrate with other IBM Tivoli product and third-party data sources to enable broader KPI analysis, reporting, and service modeling.
  • With the efficient operation of various operating systems and platforms, such as distributed and mainframe systems.