HCL BigFix Compliance helps support endpoint security throughout your organization.

Built on HCL BigFix technology, this software can help you protect endpoints and assure regulators that you are meeting security compliance standards. You can now reduce the cost and complexity of IT management while enhancing business agility, speed of remediation, and accuracy.HCL BigFix Compliance:

  • Helps support continuous security and compliance using an intelligent agent that assesses and resolves issues.
  • Manages hundreds of thousands of endpoints, both physical and virtual, regardless of location, connection, type or status.
  • Simplifies operations with a single console for management, configuration, discovery and security functions.
  • Delivers a broad range of security functions and gives you the ability to add other targeted functions as needed, without adding infrastructure or implementation costs.
  • Makes the most of BigFix technology. This single-infrastructure approach distributes decision-making to the endpoints.