RPA enables companies to easily automate mundane, repetitive tasks in order to free up employees to perform higher value work. It does this by using software robots which simulate } and mimic the actions of humans interacting with software application user interfaces. Robots can be “programmed” rapidly by recording what the user does. The robots are then managed centrally.

What are the benefits of RPA?

Accelerate Time to Value: Create, test and deliver new automations in days or weeks
Reduce Human Errors: Eliminate copy/paste mistakes and rework introduced by human errors
Increase Throughput: Fulfill automated tasks in seconds or minutes, around the clock
Decrease Development Costs: Develop automations quickly with simple record/playback functions.
Remix the Distribution of Labor: Allow employees to focus on higher value work.

Extend RPA with Digital Labor

RPA can be enhanced with our automation capabilities to provide even more benefits. It is this combination which we refer to as Digital Labor.

Capture : Datacap automates the extraction of data from unstructured content so software robots can automate the entire interaction.

Decisions : With Operational Decision Manager (ODM) non-technical people can make the robots “smarter” by teaching them decision making for validation, pricing and other outcomes.

Workflow : Business Automation Workflow (BAW) provides end-to-end orchestration of systems, people, and robots into a digital business process.

Content : Enterprise Content Management (ECM) provides a central repository of documents that can be shared between robots and humans.