IBM application performance management solutions help you manage the performance and availability of your applications. These solutions can identify problem spots and quickly identify the root causes of your application performance issues. Application performance management solutions can:

  • Integrated analytics can increase the usability of applications by up to 60-90%.
  • It can reduce the duration of interruptions and decelerations by 50% or more.
  • It can find the main cause of problems up to 90% faster.
  • It can be used as a service software (SaaS) solution or as an in-house solution.
  • IBM Application Performance Management
  • Take advantage of application components’ resource tracking, process tracking, and user experience tracking to help identify, isolate, and resolve issues more quickly.
  • Monitoring
  • Provide resource monitoring for cloud workloads, application components, and infrastructure to help accelerate slow processes, solve capacity problems, and prevent downtime.
  • IBM Application Diagnostics
  • Get the status of your application servers and code-level visibility into your applications to find performance-related issues in application code.

Log Monitoring and Error Management

Find and fix problems by quickly analyzing operational data IBM Operations Analytics – formerly IBM SmartCloud Analytics – allows you to analyze all types of operational data to help identify, isolate, and resolve issues. This software integrates data from multiple sources, including logs, events, measurements, support documents, and problem icons. There are two Log Analysis options, Entry Edition and Standard Edition. Entry Edition is available free of charge and allows you to evaluate the software in your own environment, limited to 2 GB of data per day. Standard Edition is a full-featured version of the offering and is available for purchase.

Other Applications
IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis helps you:

  • Shorten the time needed to analyze the root cause by quickly searching, filtering, and visualizing results in a single application
  • Take advantage of IBM and its partners’ diagnostic expertise using domain-specific extensions
  • Improve sustainability and overall service availability for your infrastructure, applications, and networks
  • Diagnose all your environments in one simple application, including System z resources
  • Shorten the time needed to analyze the root cause
  • Analyze logs and other unstructured data.
  • Dynamically link support documents and operation notes to logs or warning messages.
  • Parse log data with context-sensitive expressions and use text analytics.
  • Take advantage of diagnostic expertise
  • Combine the expertise of IBM or other vendors with software components, including WebSphere Application Server and DB2.
  • Increase the sustainability of your existing software application through a specially created Insight Pack.
  • Improve overall service availability
  • Include relevant non-structural related data in problem reviews to help resolve issues.
  • Access related information faster.
  • Host Platform Support – zLinux
  • Real work, real results

“IBM Operations Analytics – Log Analysis is a product that changes everything for us; we can now analyze our log files more quickly for superior customer insight and intelligence. ”
Barclays Bank
“The IBM Operations -Log Analytics with ERP forecasting package helps business users find the root cause of the problem in minutes, despite the hours of manual transfer and association to identify problems.”
KPIT Cummins